Puppy Pictures from December 2017 UK Litter

Puppy news

We are delighted to report that in the early hours of 23rd December, Janie and Steve Poole’s Fiore whelped 6 healthy pups. Sired by Enzo the litter comprises 4 Females (3 merle, 1 black) and 2 males (1 merle, 1 black) and all are thriving and feeding well. Fiore is an excellent, natural mum and has settled into the current daily routine of feeding, playing, cleaning and sleeping whilst her fur babies have opened their eyes and are learning about the big world they have come into. Fiore is extremely proud of her pups and even before they were born, she would roll over onto her back to show you the ‘babies in her tummy’.

This is a long-planned for litter between 3 year old Fiore (Alp Angels Bella Fiore Dell Albera of Bellezzalana) , who was bred by and imported into the UK from Jeanine Dell Orfano in the US and 5 year old Enzo (Calshair Rannock) who was bred by Chris and Alasdair Walker and who is owned by their son Rikki Stout and his partner Kylie Paynter.

Mum Fiore with pups.




Please use the contact form to get in touch if you’d like more information.

National Pet Show 2017 – London

Have you ever wanted to meet a Bergamasco in real life? Now’s your chance! BOFF will be showing these magnificent dogs at the UK National Pet Show at Excel, London on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May.
Come along an meet the dogs and their owners, get your hands on their amazing coat and ask all those burning questions you have about the breed.
We’re at the National Pet Show for the third year running. The event has a huge range of pets on show including everything from spiders and fish, to dogs and horses. Visit the website to get your tickets and we’ll see you there!

BOFF at the National Pet Show, Birmingham


We’re delighted to announce that once again, BOFF will be at the National Pet Show in Birmingham. The show is the weekend of 5th and 6th November and we will have a stand in the ‘Meet the Breeds’ section of the show.

Please come along if you can make it. It’ll be great to see you.

Visit http://www.thenationalpetshow.com for more information and for tickets.

BOFF Open Day 2016

A fun time was had by all at the 2016 BOFF Open Day. The dogs and their people enjoyed a walk in Cannock Chase before having a picnic lunch. Reyna hosted the AGM where Chris gave an update on the club including news about the breeding program (look out for the minutes soon). We rounded off the day with a fun dog show, with Toby winning best in show!

Enjoy a few photos from the day!

BOFF at the London Pet Show 2015

The London Pet Show is at Excel in Docklands on Sat/Sunday 9th & 10th May – and for the first time, BOFF has secured a stand in the ‘Meet The Breeds’ section.  Several of our dog-owning members will be there with their dogs over the 2 day show and will be delighted to see you. The link for more information about the show, including transport is below.

This is your chance to come and meet a Bergamasco in person so come along and say hello.

London Pet Show Information

Toby the TV Star

Toby Marsden

Toby Marsden at the jumps

Last month, Channel 4 came to Little Revel End agility club to record a feature for an upcoming show. Our very own Toby Marsden was filmed being put through his paces on the agility course and was also in a piece to camera with the presenter Mark Evans. It was a very exciting day for him, showing off for the camera and playing with the other dogs. He was very well behaved even with the distraction of Ariel the pretty Spinone bitch.
The show is called ‘Dogs: Their Secret Lives and will air on Monday 15th December at 8pm. Toby may not be featured very much but do look out for him if you get a chance to watch.

BOFF Open Day 2014 Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2014 BOFF Open Day held on 19th July.


Calshair Losgaintir (Cicci) ably shown by Steve Poole and owned by Chris and Alasdair Walker received lst from Mr T Hutchings at the Royal Cornwall Show. The Head Steward of the Show, Mr Bevan Osorne, after the judging, explained to the crowd how rare this breed was – this was the second year that the Bergamasco has been selected for comment at this show.

Plans are now well in hand for the Family Day on the 19th July at Bickenhill, Solihull, with a programme of grooming, agility, handling demonstrations and show ring training. There will be exhibitions in respect of the Bergamasco in the Community, Good Citizen Awards diet and health, together with the Children photo competition.

We are also welcoming a number of members of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club of Wales and West of England who will participate in the day. Fans of Bergamascos are welcome but must book in advance. Please fill in the contact form on the open day page if you would like more information: BOFF Open Day Page

Reyna G Knight