Club Principles and Constitution

THE PROPOSED “BERGAMASCO OWNERS AND FRIENDS FRATERNITY” (hereinafter called “The Club”)      (NB: and commonly known as B.O.F.F.)

PRINCIPLES AND CONSTITUTION                         Dated 28.9.2013



a)         To encourage, promote and protect the breeding of Bergamascos to ensure the       maintenance of good temperament, structure and health

b)         To protect and advance the development of the breed

c)         To ensure that all Members and Breeders accept The Kennel Club Standard for the breed

d)         To abide by the health requirements laid down by The Kennel Club and by The proposed Club

e)         To give help and assistance to all Members in respect of maintaining these aims and  objectives

f)          To arrange training/seminars to members requirements

2.         MEMBERSHIP

BOFF is open to owners of Bergamascos and to those interested in the welfare and development of the breed and who abide by the Kennel Club Code of Ethics and the objectives of BOFF


a)         The Committee will consist of:

i) The Officers of the Committee:-  The Chairman, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer.

ii) Elected Committee Members including an appointed Health and Welfare Officer.

There may be additional Committee members and the Committee members are not to exceed 8 in number

All roles are without payment or allowances.

A Quorum must consist of a minimum of 5 Members, of which a minimum of any 2 of the Officers must be present.

b)         Finance.    Three named Committee Members as signatories for the Bank Accounts, with a mandatory any 2 signatures from those 3 required for any withdrawals/cheques etc.  The exception to this is that for an online Bank Account, the Treasurer may operate the account on his/her sole action.   The account books and Bank statements must be available for inspection at all times.   No two signatories are allowed in the same household.

4.          ELECTIONS

a)         Election of the Committee shall be at the AGM of the Club.  Committee Memberships last for 3 years. One Officer will retire each year.  The first Officer to retire, at the 2014 AGM will be the Hon Secretary, the second Officer to retire at the 2015 AGM will be the Hon Treasurer and the third Officer to retire at the 2016 AGM will be the Chairman.  Retiring Officers are eligible for re-election.  Candidates for the Committee and Officers must be proposed and seconded by fully paid up members and their candidature to be notified in writing to the Secretary 30 days prior to the AGM.

b)         Voting at the AGM: Election of Committee members and Officers to be by ballot.  The ballot papers to be counted by two persons nominated at the Meeting and the result announced by the Chairman.

c)         Vacancy.   Should any Committee member be unable to serve, for any reason, the position should be declared vacant.  Should any officer be unable to serve, for any reason, the vacancy shall be filled from within the Committee until the next Annual General Meeting when an election will take place.  Should any Officer be absent for 3 (three) consecutive Committee meetings, without reasonable excuse, the position shall be declared vacant and continue so until the next Annual General Meeting, with any officer vacancy being filled from within the committee.

d)         Co-Option. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt any eligible member to the Committee, in addition to their number, until the next AGM.

5.         Voting. 

Officers, Committee members and fully paid-up members shall have full voting rights and the Chairman will have the casting vote if required.

6.         Subscriptions

The annual subscription shall be for the calendar year 1st January to 31st December 31st, with the exception of the first year in being which shall be for a period of 18 months from now (6th July 2013 until 31st December 2014).

7.         Expulsion of Members

If the conduct of any Member shall, in the opinion of the Committee of the proposed Club, be injurious or likely to be injurious to the character or interests of the proposed Club, the Committee of  the proposed Club may, at a meeting the notice convening which includes as an object the consideration of the conduct of the Member, determine that a Special General Meeting of the proposed Club shall be called for the purpose of passing a resolution to expel him/her.  Notice of the Special General Meeting shall be sent to the accused member giving particulars of the complaint and advising the place, date and hour of the meeting that he/she may attend and offer an explanation.  If at the meeting a resolution to expel is passed by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting, he/her name shall forthwith be erased from the list of members, and he/she shall thereupon cease for all purposes to be a member of the proposed Club, except that he/she may within two calendar months from the date of such meeting appeal to the Kennel Club upon and subject to such condition as the Kennel Club may impose.

If a Club expels any member for discreditable conduct in connection with dogs, dog show, trials or competitions, The Club must report the matter in writing to the Kennel Club within seven days and supply any particulars required

The Kennel Club is the final authority for the interpreting the Rules and Regulations of the Club in all cases relative to Canine or Club matters.

No person whilst an un-discharged bankrupt may serve on the Committee of or hold any other office or appointment within a Kennel Club Registered Society

8.         Financial Year

The financial year of the Club will be from January 1st to December 31, with the exception of the first year which will include the first six months after the inaugural meeting held in 2013 and the whole of 2014.

9.         Annual General Meeting

An AGM will be held before the end of June (Annual Returns need to be with the KC by the end of July each year) to receive the report of the Committee and the balance sheet, to elect Officers and Committee and to discuss any proposal duly placed on the Agenda of which prior notice has been given to the Secretary.

Notice of the AGM will be given to the membership at least 60 days before the date of the AGM.  Items for the agenda, duly proposed and seconded, shall reach the Secretary 36 days before the meeting.  The agenda for the AGM, together with the minutes of the previous AGM shall be circulated to members by post or email, 21 days before the meeting.

10.       Amendment to the Rules

The rules of The Club may not be altered except at a General Meeting, the agenda for which should contain specific proposals to amend the rules.

11.       Web site

The website will be designed initially to cover the basics, i.e. the UK breed standard, plus a calendar and other area topics that are already available.  We intend to include an area of health and welfare and relevant items to keep our membership up to date.


1.         Committee Meeting and AGM

The Club will hold a minimum of three Committee meetings per year.

2.         Membership

Founder members are those attending or indicating their acceptance at the Inaugural meeting of The Club on 6th July 2013.

Thereafter, new applications for a Full member (not Junior) must be proposed by a Full Member and agreed by the committee.

Member’s (Founder and Full) Addresses are to be held by the Secretary and not released unless agreed by the member concerned

Founder members have voting rights from inception.  New paid-up members have voting rights on joining and there will be no proxy or postal voting.

Junior membership should be16 years of age or below unless in further education, when it is then 18 years of age.

3.         Accounts

A banking account shall be held in the name of The Club into which all revenue of the society shall be paid and from which withdrawals shall only be made on the signature of the Hon Treasurer plus one of the two named signatures.  The account shall be certified by two individuals with accountancy experience (the individuals do not have to be qualified Accountants).

4.         The Club`s Property and Assets

The property of The Club shall be vested in the Committee.  The Club shall only accept donations of cups and trophies when accompanied by written acknowledgement that they are outright gifts to The Club.  In the case of The Club ceasing to exist, a final general meeting shall be called to decide the disposal of The Club`s assets.  A record of the accounts, with a record of the disposal of the property of The Club shall be forwarded to the Kennel Club within 6 months, and Officers and Committee are to be responsible for the proper winding up of The Club.