This page contains a list of links to websites and social media for our Bergamascos and from others around the world. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest bergamasco updates.

BCUK’s Facebook Page

BCUK’s Twitter Account – @boffbergamasco

Toby and Mauro’s Instagram – @tobyandmauro

Rastafellows Bergamasco Instagram – @rastafellows

Mac’s Instagram – @mac_bergamasco

Marge’s Instagram – @bergamascomarge

Boscoantico Bergamascos Instragram – @boscoantico.bergamascos

Bergamascos of London Bergamascos – @bergamascosoflondon

Lucca and Lizzie’s Instagram – @bergamasco_lifeoflizzienlucca

Mario and Enzos Instagram – @bergamasco_adventures