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Puppy Pictures from December 2017 UK Litter

Puppy news

We are delighted to report that in the early hours of 23rd December, Janie and Steve Poole’s Fiore whelped 6 healthy pups. Sired by Enzo the litter comprises 4 Females (3 merle, 1 black) and 2 males (1 merle, 1 black) and all are thriving and feeding well. Fiore is an excellent, natural mum and has settled into the current daily routine of feeding, playing, cleaning and sleeping whilst her fur babies have opened their eyes and are learning about the big world they have come into. Fiore is extremely proud of her pups and even before they were born, she would roll over onto her back to show you the ‘babies in her tummy’.

This is a long-planned for litter between 3 year old Fiore (Alp Angels Bella Fiore Dell Albera of Bellezzalana) , who was bred by and imported into the UK from Jeanine Dell Orfano in the US and 5 year old Enzo (Calshair Rannock) who was bred by Chris and Alasdair Walker and who is owned by their son Rikki Stout and his partner Kylie Paynter.

Mum Fiore with pups.




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