Calshair Losgaintir (Cicci) ably shown by Steve Poole and owned by Chris and Alasdair Walker received lst from Mr T Hutchings at the Royal Cornwall Show. The Head Steward of the Show, Mr Bevan Osorne, after the judging, explained to the crowd how rare this breed was – this was the second year that the Bergamasco has been selected for comment at this show.

Plans are now well in hand for the Family Day on the 19th July at Bickenhill, Solihull, with a programme of grooming, agility, handling demonstrations and show ring training. There will be exhibitions in respect of the Bergamasco in the Community, Good Citizen Awards diet and health, together with the Children photo competition.

We are also welcoming a number of members of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club of Wales and West of England who will participate in the day. Fans of Bergamascos are welcome but must book in advance. Please fill in the contact form on the open day page if you would like more information: BOFF Open Day Page

Reyna G Knight


The Bath Show Ground was immaculate. Unfortunately you had to get there from the car park which was, due to the weather, a quagmire, even had to be pushed onto the field when I arrived and it took two men to push me out. Having said all of that great efforts were made by Bath Committee to do all they could to provide towing vehicles and good natured personnel. They were at the mercy of the weather.

At Bath the AV Imported Register Breeds, Working and Pastoral were judged by Mr G C Duffield who found his Best of Breed in Brailey`s Springhaze Elusive Dream (Swiss Mountain Dog). Our Bergamasco Calshair Carradal of Chique received Reserve Best Dog from Post Graduate. It is always a pleasure to show at Bath as they schedule our breeds in the Best of Show ring so no one can complain that the ring is too small.

On Saturday, 31 May, BOFF (Bergamasco Owners and Friends Fraternity) held their second AGM. Our President, Max Jones and all Officers were re-elected for a further year. Special congratulations went to our Treasurer, Alasdair Walker who has now been promoted to Surgeon Rear Admiral , fantastic.

We also voted for proposals which brought our Code of Conduct in line with that defined by the Kennel Club. There was a unanimous `yes` to the logo designed by one of our supporters, James Baldwin and Lee Marsden reported that the website would be ready in the very near future – will advise when this is operational. Details of the Family Open Day were discussed which is to take place on Saturday 19th July at Bickenhill.   The afternoon was finished off with a cream tea and lovely cakes.

Our next showing date was Three Counties where the sun shone on us on the Thursday. Our judge was Mr Stuart J Mallard who found his Best of Breed in Turley`s Hillary Dakota at Liddyleaze (Imp.Fra) – Mexican Hairless. The Bergamascos had a wonderful day pulling off the double with Rottger & Beasley`s Calshair Cullin of Spellweaver being awarded Best Dog, very ably handled by Emma Beasley, and the Knight`s Calshair Carradal of Chique being awarded Reserve Best Dog.

Reyna G Knight



Bergamascos Triumph at Crufts

We are delighted to report that on Thursday 6th March, 6 Bergamascos entered various Classes in the AV Import Register (Pastoral) at Crufts and had an unprecedented, highly successful day.

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Crufts 2014

There will be 7 Bergamascos showing this year, all of whom have qualified at Championship Shows.  I know we will all have a great day – albeit long – as we are after 197 other dogs, my only wish is that it is a dry day.   You will find us at the NEC Birmingham on Thursday 6th March, our classes are more likely to be in the afternoon rather than the morning.         Reyna

These dogs, listed with their owners, are all showing at Crufts. See the bottom of the page for a photo gallery:

Reyna and David Knight

Jude (Chique Barolo), Dolce (Dolce Av Villrosebakken of Chique, IMP NOR) and Freddie (Calshair Carradal of Chique) will all be going to Crufts.  Jude and Dolce qualified last year by winning their clases at Crufts, Jude in Open and Dolce in Good Citizen Scheme – he passed his Bronze Certificate.  Freddie has qualified time after time in 2013.

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