BCUK at Discover Dogs 2022

BCUK were in attendance at Discover Dogs as part of the Crufts event Thursday to Sunday and thanks to the dedication of the clubs members, we managed to keep it manned from 9am-4pm (5pm on the Saturday due to volume of visitors) every single day. A phenomenal effort from all of the following:

  • Alia & Lee with Toby
  • Pia & Jiorgen with Rubin
  • Jane & Gareth with Mac
  • Yvonne & Simon with Gertie
  • Jenny & Matt with Verty
  • Rachel & Dave with Lizzie and Lucca
  • Jo & Paul with Alfie, Storm, Fiona and Gemma

With easily one of the busiest stands all our dogs performed impeccably and really put on a show for the adoring public.

One of our members took some video of Discover Dogs and also our dogs in the show ring and has created the following video for you to enjoy. It’s fantastic and shows what a great time we all had!

BCUK at Crufts and Discover Dogs

Have a look at some of our favourite pics:

BCUK at Crufts!

What a weekend the club had at Crufts 2022 in the NEC, it all kicked off on Thursday in the AV Imported Breeds Register of the Pastoral Group with the following dogs who all performed their socks off and most importantly we all got to take the best dogs home at the end of the day:

  • Alfie
  • Ayla Bella
  • Fiore
  • Gertie
  • Lucca
  • Mac
  • Rubin
  • Storm

We achieved the breed’s and club’s best ever showing at Crufts with the following set of results in running order:

  • Junior Dog, Mac 2nd
  • Open Dog, Alfie 4th
  • Junior Bitch, Gertie 1st
  • Post Graduate Bitch, Ayla Bella 2nd
  • Open Bitch, Storm 1st, Fiore 3rd
  • Reserve Best Bitch – Gertie
  • Best Bitch and Best of Breed – Storm

Below are some pictures of the Bergamascos in action:

Storms Big Moment!

For any wishing to see (or revisit) BCUK’s greatest showing achievement to date, Storm’s entrance to the big arena is at 2:35 and her moment under the spotlight is at 16:30 in the video below:

We’re all at Discover Dogs……

Where: at Crufts, Birmingham NEC, Halls 3 and 3a

When: Thursday 10th—Sunday 13th March 2022

Come and say Hi to us and our handlers……..

Guess who is showing at Crufts??

Where: Birmingham NEC

When: Thursday 10th March 2022

Hall 4, Ring 21. We’re in the AV Import Register (Pastoral) Classes

Please do come and cheers us on…..

Crufts 2018 – A personal review

We had an amazing day at Crufts and couldn’t be more pleased. Jo and I went along without any high expectations of awards (this is our first competitive visit to Crufts, after all) but determined to enjoy the day. We thought Alfie might bounce around the ring as he often does – he sits around as docile as you like all day but when we hit the ring he seems to think it’s time to play and more than once we have witnessed the handler with his dog’s front paws on his shoulders! We were also aware that it may turn into a very long day. Championship shows in the lead-up to Crufts have all put on the Import Register classes at the end of the day, there is invariably a delay in the running order at some point, and there are reports from previous years of the Bergamascos not getting to strut their stuff until after 5pm.

So we set off in good time in the morning more in hope than expectation. My local knowledge allowed us to skirt around the reported one-hour hold-up on the motorway by the back-roads and we arrived at the NEC in relatively good time. Alfie was resplendent in his raincoat and new boots (absolutely priceless in the damp conditions) and we very quickly found our stall and settled down for the day. And we met other Berg owners at a show! Janie and Steve Poole arrived at around the same time as us with their beautiful Fiore and Dancing Trees arrived a little later with the venerable Dolce – oh, and Chris and Alasdair came along to offer their support too! This was a new experience for us as in our months of showing Alfie, we had never yet seen another Berg in the ring.

And suddenly we were on. Alfie’s first class, Junior Dog, started at around 12.30pm, an hour or so after the published time but still earlier than we had anticipated. Having only one competitor did nothing to ease the nerves and, true enough, on his first trot across the ring Alfie decided it was time to play. Luckily I managed to get him back on track promptly and he finished his routine without further incident. All our practice is obviously starting to pay off as Alfie seems to be improving with every show. He was awarded First Place and nobody was more surprised than me, our own harshest critic.

Next came the Post Graduate Dog class, in which Alfie behaved impeccably and placed Third, Open Dog (Reserve) and Good Citizen Guide Dog (First). Four consecutive classes (and didn’t I know it? “That’s a lot of running in a big ring!”) entered for experience and an award from each of them – and we were hoping for a placing in one! We were (and still are) left in a state of shock. We were watching other successful competitors proudly parading around with their rosette and we had four of them! Wow!

We watched Fiore compete in her classes before wandering off into the crowds to peruse the stalls for a couple of hours and then braving the rush-hour traffic to return home, arriving eleven hours after we’d left. We had a fabulous day but all overslept in the morning – including the dog!

Bergamascos Triumph at Crufts

We are delighted to report that on Thursday 6th March, 6 Bergamascos entered various Classes in the AV Import Register (Pastoral) at Crufts and had an unprecedented, highly successful day.

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Crufts 2014

There will be 7 Bergamascos showing this year, all of whom have qualified at Championship Shows.  I know we will all have a great day – albeit long – as we are after 197 other dogs, my only wish is that it is a dry day.   You will find us at the NEC Birmingham on Thursday 6th March, our classes are more likely to be in the afternoon rather than the morning.         Reyna

These dogs, listed with their owners, are all showing at Crufts. See the bottom of the page for a photo gallery:

Reyna and David Knight

Jude (Chique Barolo), Dolce (Dolce Av Villrosebakken of Chique, IMP NOR) and Freddie (Calshair Carradal of Chique) will all be going to Crufts.  Jude and Dolce qualified last year by winning their clases at Crufts, Jude in Open and Dolce in Good Citizen Scheme – he passed his Bronze Certificate.  Freddie has qualified time after time in 2013.

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